The Parts of June Where I Was in New York

Here’s some good stuff from June, all of it taking place in New York.

June 1: On this Saturday I went to Smorgasburg in Williamsburg for the first time in five years. Everything there has its gimmick, but I liked my barbacoa taco and Thai fried chicken from inside a pineapple.

June 2: Scott was passing through town so I met him for some Korean fried chicken even though I knew I’d be having it in a few days with Grandma out in California. Then I came home and cooked up a tomatillo and beef stew from Enrique Olvera’s new cookbook.

June 3: Looks like I ate at Bang Bar but only got this photo of the floor.


June 15: Returned from California, Michigan and Chicago, I find my home invaded by Jeff and Ryan. I took them to Inwood Hill Park, the Dyckman Farmhouse, and Emilio’s. That night I went to the Jersey Loews with Mike and Jeff. Mike brought some model-looking friends with him, they were up for joining us for hot dogs and Indian Egg-dishes, so pretty great people.

June 17: As part of an FHE plagued with multiple activity cancellations outside of our control, I took Garrett and Bryan on a walk through Inwood Hill Park and then we met up with Clare, Robert, Kwacey and others not pictured at McDonalds. And then Robert saw a subway car on a flatbed, a highlight for everyone.

June 20: On this day — I had an unusual job interview for an unusual job, was absolutely disrespected at JG Melon’s (so scratch that “essential burger” off my list forever and ever) and enjoyed art at the Breuer.

June 22: Cher was in town on her way home from Belgium. We ate at Emilio’s, she bought some syrup in the farmer’s market. Then I cleaned the chapel, walked around for a nice while, and took photos not just of strangers but FOR strangers. The next day there was a little going away party for Tom.

June 27: Speaking of goings away, on this day I went with Victoria to Morgenstern’s, we split the King Kong Banana Split. I guess this was sort of like a bachelorette party? Later this picture you see below would be reposted by the New York Times. Hope they enjoyed their 5000+ likes! It netted me about 4 new followers, so that was great. Morgensterns won’t give you a glass of water, even after spending $26 on a sundae, so we went to the grocery store for drinks after.

June 28 and 29: On the 28th I went to the LDS Arts Center Festival at Columbia to hear a former roommate’s mom talk about art collecting and to eat a slice of Mama’s Too pizza. On the 29th I went to the Mormon Theological Seminar just up the street at the Union Theological Seminary to let all the deep thinking just wash over me all day. And to eat at the Fonda for the first time in a long time!

We All Went to Holland

June 11: Well, Grandma and I made it safe to Chicago and the next morning we were off to Holland, Michigan. We arrived just as everyone was leaving the house to go to a dune or a beach or whatever, so we just followed them there.

Then we went back to the rather nice lake house Mom had found us and we played Codenames. It’s weird that such a simple game requires so much explanation. And then we had a weenie roast for dinner.

June 12: Our keynote activity—the dune ride! Enjoyed by so many different people.

Then we caused a lot of trouble at a little Mexican grocery story, ate our spoils of war in a park, and played some park games where you had to close your eyes and cover your ears.

Then we walked about beautiful downtown Holland.

For dinner: what we call shish kabobs, I think. Then family time on the porch.

June 13: It was rainy in the morning so we did puzzles and I painted a Minion birdhouse that I’d like to finish working on when I get the right colors (black and silver).

Then we headed out for the other big thing: a visit to the part of Holland Michigan that is supposed to be like Holland where they’ve got the only real Dutch windmill outside of the Netherlands.

Then we visited an outrageously windy beach to see a lighthouse and had dinner at Culver’s (after I ran into a little Mexican restaurant to see if they had any t-shirts available).

One last evening at the lake house

June 14: One last morning at the lake house doesn’t look so different from one last evening at the lake house.

Then, imagine Grandma and me driving back to Oak Park, then me walking around Oak Park, and then you don’t have to picture us all going to Las Fuentes because here are those pictures:

And then vacation and pre-vacation were over! The next morning I got to Midway at 4:20 in the morning and I have NEVER ever seen it so crowded before.